Okuda: Meet the world-renowned artist bringing epic pop surrealism to the streets

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Okuda San Miguel’s art is characterised by bold colours, geometric shapes and anonymous bodies coming to life in a vibrant explosion of iconographic imagery.

His distinctive style has made him one of the most recognisable urban artists in the world.

Summing up his artistic mission in a nutshell, Okuda told Euronews Culture: "What I do is transform grey cement into spaces with colour."

Today his work is developed from a studio in Madrid by a team of 25 people and can be found in all sorts of locations across the globe, from prominent galleries to public sculptures or immense, multi-story monuments.

"A small format for me is 3 to 6 floors, 15 floors is a medium format and 25 floors would be a large format," explains Okuda. "In fact, I actually have four of these [25-floor murals] in the world, in Toronto, Kyiv, Paris and Moscow."

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